CEO Greetings
The Korea Broach Manufacture is full engaged ourselves in professional self-development & challenging for future oriented as well as faithfulness & creativity for the spirit of business. Our main products is the processing machines such as the assemble parts of the automaker and the gear, the hole/shape processing of BROACH M/C for subcontractor.

And also we produce the assemble parts of BROACH or private machines with good reputations throughout the world wide especially for sales, designs, processing, assembles, electrics, test drives and installations. We recently export not only domestic but also to overseas with the advanced technology, the knowhow of good experience.

We do our best to meet our customer's satisfactions. Focus on the After-sales Service quickly and made to order of Power, Stroke, etc according to the customer's needs for options and we proud of our quality comparing with other companies for BROACH M/C from the advanced competitors worldwide.

We are proud of ourselves to be a leading manufacturer for Broach Machine world widly after we continue to invest a lot of time for R&D dept and Technology innovation. And we also have received not only ISO 9001, INNO-BIZ and CE approval but also the patent the world's fist for the Carrier of Brake parts and the Table lift for Twinaxis processing and we also completed the NC Broach Machine by a servo-motor.

Finally we set our goal to create the technology development with the customer's satisfactions. We want to grow our business by combining a timeless customer-centered philosophy and also contribute to the development for our country.

Thank you.

Name Korea Broach ManufactureCorporation
CEO Jeoung-Hwan, Jeoung
Establishment 2003.01.07
Business Policies Harmony Unity, Customer Impression, Future Creative
Address #33, Soto 2-gil, Sangbuk-myun, Yangsan-si, Gyeongnam, Korea.
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